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Iowa could win the Big Ten West. They could also go 8-5 again.

Black Heart Gold Pants joins our latest podcast to discuss some hot KIRK FERENTZ IOWA FOOTBALL.

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Iowa v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Having an identity is key in college football. Whether it comes in the form of a strong defense, a high-tempo offense, or targeting certain skill sets in players, knowing what you want —and who you are— goes a long way in the success of a program. For better or worse, we know what Kirk Ferentz’s Iowa Hawkeyes program is.

The Hawkeyes are going field-tough on defense with mostly under-recruited players. They’re going to play ball-control on offense and punish you with a mammoth offensive line, and tough running backs. They’re probably going to win about eight games per season. Iowa’s identity is pretty set under Ferentz.

The Hawekeyes head into the 2017 season with a new Offensive Coordinator, a dynamic transfer running back, and a strong defense, but can they repeat their magical 2015 season and get back to the Big Ten title game, or is another five-loss season on the horizon?

On this episode of The Hangout in the Holyland, Ben Ross of Black Heart Gold Pants joins the show to discuss everything about the 2017 Hawkeyes, including:

  • The criticisms of Ferentz, and where he has the program right now.
  • Whether the offensive philosophy will change under new Offensive Coordinator Brian Ferentz.
  • The quarterback battle, having arguably the best running back duo in the conference, and uncertainty at wide receiver.
  • The strength of the Hawkeyes defense, and replacing key players in the secondary
  • Iowa’s place in the Big Ten West, expectations for 2017, and more!.

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