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Watch Tracy Sprinkle’s family learn that he’ll be a captain of the Ohio State football team

It’s one thing to play for the Buckeyes. It’s another to be named a leader.

Last year, we brought you the video of running back coach Tony Alford calling the parents of Mike Weber, telling them that their son was becoming a starter at Ohio State.

On Monday night, another coach made a phone call home. This time around, it was assistant head coach/defensive line coach Larry Johnson calling the family of defensive end Tracy Sprinkle, letting them know that he was named a captain of the football team.

Below is the video that was posted by Ohio State football on Twitter:

In total, nine members were selected as captains. Five of the members come from the defensive side of the ball—with three of them coming from the D-line.

On offense, the most notable of the selections was quarterback J.T. Barrett, who became the first Buckeye to be named captain three times.