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Ohio State alum Jeff Heuerman gave Jake Butt the ultimate rookie haircut

This is just beautiful.

The rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan is so deeply ingrained in Buckeye Nation, that once former Buckeye players head to the NFL, they can have a tough time putting those feelings aside to work alongside one -- but they do.

That is, until it’s time for a little rookie hazing, by way of a haircut...

Former Ohio State tight end Jeff Heuerman had to welcome Michigan alum, rookie Jake Butt to the Denver Broncos this season, and didn’t let him get off too easily. Heuerman not only branded him with the Block ‘O’, but he also shaved in a reminder of his record against the Buckeyes, 0-4.

In the league, players don’t let a college rivalry keep them from being good teammates, but an innocent reminder every now and then isn’t a bad thing.

We can’t wait to see what Heuerman and Butt wager on The Game this year!