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Watch Johnnie Dixon’s mom find out her son will start for Ohio State for the first time

Dixon got the starting nod in a receiver role for Thursday’s contest against Indiana.

Last week, we showed defensive end Tracy Sprinkle’s family getting the phone call that he was a captain for Ohio State football in 2017.

Keeping up the theme with good phone calls home, wide receiver’s coach Zach Smith made the call to the mom of junior WR Johnnie Dixon. In the past three seasons, Dixon has battled knee injuries and only appeared in 14 games.

On Thursday, he’ll get to play in his 15th game, but this one is special: it’s the first game he’s been named a starter. Below is the video, that was posted on Twitter by Ohio State football, of Smith making the call—with Dixon right next to him.

So far, Dixon has caught seven passes in those 14 appearances for a total of 55 yards. We’ll see if he can increase those stats come Thursday night at Indiana and continue to build off that performance throughout the season.