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What does Ohio State Basketball’s ‘BOOMing’ week mean for the future?

On the podcast, we talk about what recruits might join the class next.

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At the start of last week, Ohio State had exactly zero basketball commitments for the 2018 season, but by Sunday night, they had four top-300 players, and they had broken into the recruiting rankings top-10 nationally.

On this episode of “Hangout in the Holy Land,” LGHL’s Matt Tamanini and recruiting expert Patrick Mayhorn talk about each commit, what they bring to Columbus, when they might see the floor, and what else the recruiting class might hold.

Patrick Mayhorn’s Recruit Impact Pieces

Tuesday, Sept. 19: Jaedon LeDee’s impact
Wednesday, Sept. 20: Duane Washington Jr.’s impact
Friday, Sept. 22: Luther Muhammad’s impact
Sunday, Sept. 24: Justin Ahrens’s impact

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