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Podcast: What are your favorite Minnesota memories?

There will be ice cream bar references on this episode, obviously.

Ohio State v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

If your main thought about Ohio State’s game with Minnesota is, “Wow, these two never play,” you aren’t alone. Despite being in the same conference, Saturday is only the third game between the two since 2011, and they aren’t scheduled to play again until the 2021 season opener. So for that reason, we made the most of this episode of the Hangout in the Holy Land by discussing some of our favorite moments from this series, and wondering whether the Buckeyes can have a cleaner performance than last week’s win over Indiana.

Show Notes

1:46- This series is very one-sided, plus standout memories from playing Minnesota, including, the GOAT, Brian Robiskie’s catch in 2007, and Ray Small getting lit up.

12:10- Minnesota’s defense should (maybe?) provide another good challenge for the offense.

13:58- What stops Ohio State from scoring 50-plus?

15:24- The short passing game may lead to big plays.

17:12- Over/under 160 yards rushing

20:43- Can the big play issues end against a Minnesota offense that rarely has any?

23:24- Predictions

25:48- Looking at the rest of week seven in college football.