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Nick Bosa’s teammates wish him luck as his Ohio State career ends

It’s all love from his Buckeye brothers.

Oregon State v Ohio State

The writing has seemingly been on the wall for awhile. From Urban Meyer being non-committal about Nick Bosa’s return following his injury, to Bosa’s parents providing updates on their own versus going through Ohio State, it became increasingly obvious that the incredibly talented defensive end wasn’t going to return to the Buckeyes to finish out his junior season.

On Tuesday, those assumptions were confirmed. Bosa has withdrawn from OSU and will instead focus on rehabbing his injury and training for the NFL Combine and draft process.

This was very much a business decision for the guy who is expected to be one of the first names called in the 2019 NFL Draft, and now, he doesn’t have to worry as much about re-injuring himself heading into the biggest job interview of his life.

On the other hand, it’s incredibly sad as a Buckeye fan to lose what was the last of an incredible family legacy, and a player who we didn’t get to watch quite enough during his time in the scarlet and gray.

So, while we’re over here crying — and also celebrating his OSU career — let’s take a look at how some of his current and former teammates feel about the news:

Current teammates

Former teammates and Ohio State players