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Podcast: Mailbag time!

Plus Greg Schiano says ridiculous things, we answer Mario Kart questions, and more!

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Texas Christian Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With Ohio State coming off a 29-point loss to Purdue and on a bye week, there isn’t much else to do but continue to fester in the loss and re-hash what went wrong, and also take your questions.

On this episode of the Hangout in the Holy Land, Patrick Mayhorn and I break down the fallout from the loss —specifically the comments from Urban Meyer and Greg Schiano this week— and answer a wide array of your questions you sent us.

Show Notes

2:22- Austin Mack’s surgery, and why it’s now a make-or-break opportunity for Binjimen Victor

4:30- Greg Schiano thinks the defense is getting better

8:00- Why it’s impossible to justify the linebacker play, and who we’d like to see Ohio State hire as linebacker coach in a hypothetical world without Billy Davis

17:54- Meyer’s comments about the run game needing to be different with Dwayne Haskins at quarterback

22:16- How much of the reported tension between Gene Smith and Meyer do we believe?

26:45- MAILBAG starts: Who’s your go-to Mario Kart racer?

31:46- More of JK Dobbins and Mike Weber on the field together?

38:14- Are Haskins’ Heisman hopes done for?

39:05- Why doesn’t Alabama ever get blown out?

44:43- Ohio State’s reluctance to make tough decisions

49:57- Would we have done anything different this summer?

57:00- Can Branden Bowen make a difference when he returns?

58:39- Colton shares a drinking story