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Podcast: Buckeye Basketball for Dummies

Everything you need to know heading into Ohio State’s 2018-19 season.

As the excitement about Ohio State men’s basketball ebbs and flows around Columbus, there’s no question that the hiring of Chris Holtmann in June 2017 provided a big boost in excitement potential.

The Buckeyes went on a completely unexpected run in Holtmann’s first year at OSU, and with a very young group of guys to coach heading into his second season, they have the chops to be a must-watch team this year.

Admittedly, I haven’t been fully invested in Buckeye basketball since the Aaron Craft era. It has nothing to do with being a fair-weather fan, but more so with being drawn to the excitement they bring on the court — something that was missing until Holtmann came to town. (Sorry, not sorry.)

This year is already building off of the energy from last season, and looks to be the start of the next wave of basketball popularity at Ohio State.

I want to be all-in on the men’s basketball team this season, but felt completely overwhelmed and uninformed. So, I called up my friend, and LGHL’s lead voice, Patrick Mayhorn to get me (and Buckeye fans like me) caught up to speed with what’s going on with the team, and why everyone is so damn excited.

Patrick gives us a lesson in Buckeye Basketball 101, and answers a lot of important questions that the somewhat casual fan like me might need to know as we get closer to the start of the season.

  • Why are we so excited about Chris Holtmann?
  • Who are some of young guys to know?
  • Does anyone play like a young Aaron Craft?
  • Which games are must-sees this season?
  • Do the Buckeyes make it to the NCAA Tournament again?

Listen to the episode here:

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