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Who did the experts pick to win on ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’? Ohio State or Michigan State?

So, real talk, is it better for Corso and co. to pick the Buckeyes before a big game or not?

On Saturday, ESPN’s “College GameDay” traveled to Boston ahead of the top-20 matchup between No. 2 Clemson and No. 17 Boston College. In addition to previewing the ACC battle, the show also celebrated 25 years of being on the road with a look back at some of the biggest moments in the program’s history.

However, “GameDay” wouldn’t be “GameDay” without the predictions and headgear selections that end the show every week. This week, the crew was joined by guest picker BC alum and former big screen Robin (yes, as in “Batman and Robin”) Chris O’Donnell to pick some of the biggest games of the day.

Below are a sampling of some of the predictions the panel made:

“GameDay” Selections

Game Desmond Howard Chris O'Donnell Lee Corso Kirk Herbstreit
Game Desmond Howard Chris O'Donnell Lee Corso Kirk Herbstreit
No. 10 OSU vs. No. 18 MSU OSU OSU MSU OSU
Ok. St. vs. No. 7 Oklahoma OU OU OU OU
Wisconsin vs. No. 20 PSU Wisc PSU Wisc. PSU
No. 16 Miss St. vs. No. 1 Alabama Bama Bama Bama Bama
No. 19 Texas vs. Texas Tech Texas Tech Tech Tech
Northwestern vs. No. 21 Iowa Iowa NU Iowa Iowa
No. 25 Auburb vs. No. 2 UGA UGA UGA UGA UGA
Va Tech vs. Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt
No. 2 Clemson vs. No. 17 BC BC BC Clemson N/A

I’m never 100% sure if I it’s better or not when the “GameDay” experts pick the Buckeyes to win in a big game or not, but three out of four ain’t bad, I suppose.