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Punting was the difference maker in Ohio State’s win over Michigan State

50 minutes of Drue Chrisman talk on this week’s podcast.

Ohio State v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Here’s all you need to know (or remember) about Ohio State’s 26-6 win over Michigan State this past weekend:

Drue Chrisman put on one of the best punting displays we’ve seen in Ohio State history —and that’s saying something— directly leading to nine points, pinning the Michigan State offense back, and giving Ohio State a massive field position advantage. With all due respect to Mike Weber, he was the Buckeyes’ best offensive weapon in East Lansing.

On this episode of the Hangout in the Holy Land, Patrick Mayhorn and I wax poetic about Chrisman’s awesome performance, give our thoughts on Tate Martell finally seeing the field, and talk about why we’re skeptical that the win elevated the Buckeyes back to contender status.

Show Notes

2:10- That was some ugly Big Ten football

6:50- Why we aren’t buying the win versus MSU

9:00- Punts directly led to points

10:30- The re-emergence of Mike Weber

14:54- Trying to figure out what’s up with the offensive line

23:35- The positives (and negatives) of the Tate Martell package

37:00- Defensive thoughts - AKA Michigan’s State’s offense is terrible, and we don’t know what to think.

45:15- Giving props to special teams