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In-state linebacker back on the market

Can Ohio State land the St Ignatius product?

Tommy Eichenberg

The Ohio State Buckeyes have spent a pretty good chunk of the last few months looking for a linebacker or two to fill out their 2019 class. They have two recruits, Craig Young and Cade Stover, that could fill that role, but after losing Kane Patterson, the Buckeyes want at least one more true linebacker. For most of the time they’ve been looking, they haven’t found much in the way of true linebackers that are interested in Ohio State, and Ohio State caliber.

We saw them offer in-state linebacker Jestin Jacobs, and Iowa commit, a couple weeks ago, and I do think he’ll eventually be a Buckeye, but it seems like another option came open Monday, as Tommy Eichenberg announced his decommitment from Boston College.

Eichenberg, who had been committed to Boston College since late June, and seemed solid, until Ohio State offered in late September, followed closely by a Michigan offer in early October. With those two offers in, it was only a matter of time, and Monday night he made it official.

Now, the immediate thought here, like it was with Jacobs, is that Eichenberg will end up a Buckeye, and that it’s only a matter of time. Just like with Jacobs, I don’t think that’s the case. This is very much a two team race between Ohio State and Michigan, and at this point, I think both teams have a pretty even shot.

Ohio State gets their chance to establish themselves as the leader this Saturday, as Lettermen Row reported that Eichenberg will be on campus for The Game. If that visit goes well, Eichenberg could very much be considered a Buckeye lean, but right now, I think it’s essentially a toss-up.

It’s easy to understand why. On one hand, Eichenberg could play for his home state team at Ohio State, but on the other hand, Ohio State’s linebackers have been less than great this year under Bill Davis. Meanwhile, Michigan has some of the best linebackers in the country, and arguably the best defensive coordinator in the country in Don Brown.

It’s a lot for a high schooler to consider, and I imagine there’s quite a bit left to go before Tommy signs anywhere. This one should get interesting, so stay tuned to Land-Grant Holy Land for all your recruiting related needs and Buckeye content.