After this Draft We can have an all Buckeye roster, a good one too.

Welcome to the first offseason s***-post! I'm making some assumptions for this, but it's a fun early off-season thought exercise. Here are my assumptions/caveats:

  1. If Ryan Shazier was healthy - He's the best pro linebacker we've produced in recent memory and I can't bring myself to not include him, plus Darron Lee got caught being a bad boy so here we are.
  2. Haskins goes pro, Weber goes pro
  3. Who cares, have fun with it.
  • OL: Decker, Norwell, Price, Linsley, Jones
  • WR: @cantguardmike, Teddy, Samuel, Brown
  • TE: Vannett, Heuerman
  • RB: Zeke, Weber, Smith
  • FB: Hyde I guess
  • QB: Haskins, 12 Gauge, JT
  • SAF: Jenkins, Bell, Coleman
  • CB: Lattimore, Ward, Apple
  • Nickel: Roby, Conley
  • LB: Shazier, Raekwon, Baker, (A non-suspended Lee)
  • DL: Bosa, Heyward, Dre-Mont, Bosa,
  • ...Hankins, Hubbard, Tyquan, Simon, Adolphus, Jalyn

  • K: Nugent
  • P: Johnston
  • Ret: xbrax360
  • LS:Mcquaide

All around, not bad if you ask me. And if Haskins does go pro, you're looking at my Madden 2020 roster.

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