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Even more mock drafts have Nick Bosa first off the board

Could the former Buckeye be the first Ohio State player to go first overall since 1997?

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Texas Christian Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Mock draft round up

With the college football season nearly over, and the NFL season getting very close to playoff time, the annual influx of mock drafts is starting to pick up. In just the past day, three major sites: ESPN, CBS Sports and TheBigLead all ran mock drafts, and all three of them had something in common. Nick Bosa, as the first pick, to Arizona.

ESPN: The Cards have a lot of needs, but getting the best player in the draft to line up opposite Chandler Jones would be a big step in the right direction. Bosa fits well with Arizona’s 4-3 scheme with his power and length, and Markus Golden hits free agency after the season.

CBS: There are a select few teams that probably wouldn’t take Nick Bosa at No. 1 overall. The Cardinals are not one of them. Chandler Jones has been a menace on the outside but needs a running mate at the edge-rusher spot. Bosa would fit into that role perfectly.

TheBigLead: The Cardinals might keep their hands on their phones leading into the draft to potentially move back. They could sell this pick to a bidder looking for a quarterback. (This quarterback class isn’t getting much hype, but they somehow seem to rise up draft boards every year.) If not, the Cardinals can be happy to take Bosa, who should be just as good as his brother — and his brother has been a game-wrecker.

Along with Bosa, Dwayne Haskins gets quite a bit of hype in all three. He’s mentioned in the ESPN article (as is Dre’Mont Jones), though because it’s behind a paywall I won’t say where, CBS Sports has him at ninth to the Bengals, and TheBigLead puts him at 13th to Washington.

CBS: The Bengals stay in state with the selection of Haskins, and they don’t feel the need to rush him onto the field, although no one would be surprised if he beat out Jeff Driskel in camp. Haskins demonstrated franchise-quarterback skills for the Buckeyes in his first year as a starter but needs more experience dealing with pressure.

TBL: With Alex Smith’s future in the NFL looking more and more uncertain, the Redskins would be wise to draft a quarterback high in the draft while also pursuing more options in free agency. Haskins will be their quarterback of the future. If the Redskins were happy to work with Smith, they might not mind Haskins’ proclivity to check down. That’s, in part, how he has completed 70.2 percent of his passes. In 2018, he has 4,580 passing yards, 47 touchdowns and eight interceptions in 2018.

While I generally don’t pay attention to mock drafts because ultimately they’re just guessing games, I will say that Haskins going after Justin Herbert and Daniel Jones (lmao) in TBL’s mock is ridiculous, because Haskins is better than Herbert, and he’s on a different planet that Daniel Jones.

Let’s rewatch the 1969 Rose Bowl

I, like many of our readers, wasn’t alive to watch the 1969 Rose Bowl between Ohio State and USC. Because of that, I was especially interested today when I noticed that Ohio State had posted a “1969 Rose Bowl Re-Air” on its official website.

Much to my delight, the broadcast is much higher quality than anything you can find on Youtube, seemingly cuts out all ads from the original broadcast, and covers the entirety of Ohio State’s 27-16 victory that helped secure a national title. If you have some time today, I would definitely recommend watching it. The throwback broadcast, the style of offense, and the “Super Sophomores” are all a delight, and to have such a high quality archive of the game is wonderful.

I’m sure there are legal hurdles keeping Ohio State from doing this, but this only makes me wish the Buckeyes athletic department would release a full archive of all historical broadcasts for us to enjoy.

“The No. 8 Ohio State University women’s ice hockey team wraps up its 2018 slate against the Mercyhurst Lakers. Saturday’s game is set for a 3:07 start, while Sunday’s finale gets underway at 1:07, both games are in the OSU Ice Rink.”

- Ohio State Buckeyes dot com

Ohio State has themselves one hell of a hockey team, and you may not have noticed yet, but there’s still time. The Ohio State women’s hockey team currently sits at 12-6, eighth in the country, and if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, you can catch them on either Saturday or Sunday at the Ohio State Ice Rink or on BTN Plus.

It’s the final game of 2018 for the team, and they’ll kick off the new year with a two game series with the Minnesota Whitecaps before hosting Wisconsin the next weekend. The Buckeye have pretty legitimate title hopes, and are definitely worth watching for anyone interested in hockey.

Buckeyes in the NFL

There was only one Buckeye in last night’s Chargers vs. Chiefs game, but he’s a pretty big one in the eyes of Ohio State fans. Unfortunately, it was a pretty quiet night for Joey Bosa as he’s still bouncing back from an injury. He recorded just one tackle, but he was double-teamed for most of the night, which helped free up Melvin Ingram for three tackles and one and a half sacks.

Bosa had this to say to ESPN about returning from injury before the game:

“[It’s] just getting back to my technique,” Bosa said. “I’m missing on some [of my] timing. I’m fast and feel good physically, [but] it’s just a little technique I’m having trouble with. So, I just need to get back in the office and get going.”

Weekend schedule

via OhioStateBuckeyes dot com

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