Ryan Day? Is Gene Smith Serious?

To say I am a little disappointed in Urban Meyer and THE Ohio State administration is an understatement. Let me calm down and throw out some takes. First things first, if Urban Meyer is retiring due to health issues than I wish him and his family the best. The run that Ohio State football has had since Jim Tressel was hired and Urban Meyer took over has been absolutely amazing. I was a younger man during the John Cooper years and those 12 seasons almost made me turn on the Buckeyes. Not the team itself but more the Administration that allowed the best fans in college football to endure 12 years of losing to the team up North and getting embarrassed in bowl games before pulling the trigger on Cooper. Now we find out that one of the greatest coaches in college football history is going to be replaced by Ryan Day. Yes that is correct. Ryan Day. No head coaching experience, several stints at Boston College, a few years in the NFL and a one time quarterback at New Hampshire. WTF? The only thing that is even relevant in New Hampshire is the maple syrup industry. How can Ohio State not open a coaching search to bring in the best possible candidate who understands the tradition of Ohio State football and what it mean to beat TTUN every year. The last time Ohio State hired a Head Coach that had no Ohio ties the fortunes of THE GAME changed in the favor of TTUN. What has Ryan Day done to deserve to be named Head Coach at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY? Seriously, other than media people telling us that he is a rising star (Also had TTUN as the fourth best team in the Country) what is on his resume that would warrant him taking over one of the premier football programs in the Nation. Can someone tell me????? I have looked and researched and I can find absolutely nothing that would make me spend more than 15 seconds looking at this guys resume before throwing it in the trash. Are they really basing this hire on the 3 games as interim coach from this season??? What a massive failure and short sighted approach to replacing one of the greatest coaches in college football history. Is there one Buckeye fan that thinks Nick Saban or Dabo Swinney are going to lose sleep over matching football intellect with Ryan Day? I can only hope I am wrong but I feel strongly that Gene Smith dropped the ball on this one "Big Time". Jim Tressel before coming to Ohio State had a head coaching record of 135 - 57 at Youngstown state with 4 National Titles. Urban Meyer before coming to Ohio State had a head coaching record of 104 -23 with two National Titles. Ryan Day has been an assistant coach at BC, an OC at Temple, a quarterbacks coach for two NFL teams and two years as assistant OC at Ohio State with a brief stint at Florida. There is a reason Ohio State has been so dominant over the past decade and a half. They hit on great coaching hires. This seems rushed and without merit. I have no interest in seeing this program go the way of Florida after Urban left. Say what you will about his time there, Florida has not been relevant since he left.

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