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Celebrate Ohio State’s new hire and the holidays with this ‘New Day’ t-shirt

What a perfect shirt to wear in Pasadena on Jan. 1!

Hey, have you heard? Urban Meyer is retiring, and as of Jan. 2, Ryan Day is the new man in charge for the Ohio State Buckeyes. During their joint press conference on Tuesday, Meyer said that he knew early on that Day was elite, and that the players were “over the moon” that he would be the new coach.

Even though he’s new to Ohio, Day said in Tuesday’s press conference that he understood exactly what would be expected of him. “It didn’t take long for me to figure out what the expectations are. No. 1, win the rivalry game, and No. 2, win every game after that.”

While Buckeye fans are sad that the winningest coach in Ohio State history — and a Mount Rushmore figure in the history of the game — is leaving the sidelines in Columbus, a ton of folks are just as pumped that Day is going to carry on his tradition of excellence.

So, with the holidays either underway or on their way — depending on what you celebrate — now would be a perfect time to get a really cool looking t-shirt to celebrate the new “Day” dawning in Columbus.

Also, if you happen to be heading to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, this would be a perfect shirt to wear on the gorgeous New Year’s Day Southern California afternoon.

You can order this scarlet and gray, premium, lightweight blended crewneck for just $25 thanks to our friends at Breaking T!