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If Ohio State wanted an Ohio centric recruiting class, then 2019 is the year to do it

Will the Buckeyes look to keep 2019 Ohio based?

Zach Harrison

Even though last night wasn’t Ohio State’s night on the hardwood, it’s okay. Both the football and basketball program have things mostly going their way on and off the playing surface. Fortunately, when one night doesn’t exactly go the way it was planned, the positive is that there’s good news right around the corner as a member of Buckeye Nation. That can be true concerning Ohio State football as once again, this week has seen some great aspects take place. With coaches earning pay bumps, it looks as if the athletics staff in Columbus is not only putting their money where their mouth is, but is ready to invest truly on what looks to be another chase for a national championship. In recruiting too, if Ohio State continues its relentless pursuit of talent, the Buckeyes will almost be destined for the postseason.

Ohio in 2019 the plan for success?

It’s not every year that the nation’s No. 1 recruit is in the same state as your favorite team. To make matters even more serious, it’s almost unheard of when that top ranked recruit lives within shouting distance of the school you’re hoping he “picks”. The top player in the 2019 class is Olentangy Orange phenom Zach Harrison. The 6-foot-6, 240-pound monster of a high school athlete is literally a prospect that can do anything he is asked. Whether it’s size, strength, speed, or just pure athleticism, Zach not only owns every intangible, but is the definition.

Okay, so before we get too carried away, in the 2018 class, the state’s top prospect ended up going South to Clemson and everyone thought the world was going to come crashing down. Never worried, Meyer and crew brought in a prospect that was not only ranked higher in the end, but according to the staff, was their top guy at all times even over the in-state kid. Why do we bring this up? To mention simply that there may not be a true “can’t miss” in-state prospect, but if there is, Zach Harrison is him. The distance alone is crucial, but the fact that he literally grades out and performs in ways that cement his ranking proves Meyer and company will not only be relentless, but also do what ever is needed to secure Harrison in the 2019 class when all is said and done.

The rest of Ohio for 2019 though is pretty spectacular as well. While the 2018 class only saw five in-state guys out of the twenty-six, that shows there’s plenty of room for 2019 to look more of an Ohio based class, especially with the in-state talent. One to surely keep an eye on is in-state linebacker Cade Stover. If Ohio State has hit the jackpot on in-state guys at a certain position, it’s the linebacker position. The list of in-staters who go off to star for the Buckeyes at the position isn’t a short one and Stover may just be the next man in line on that list.

The positive note for both Harrison and Stover is to know that Ohio State has made them a priority early and often. In fact, not even two weeks ago Harrison was on campus again even though the commute over could be by foot. Fortunately, keeping the best in Ohio is Meyer’s top priority, according to himself, and if the 247sports crystal ball predictions have much to say, both Stover and Harrison alike are 100 percent targets to stay home and suit up for the Buckeyes.

Time will only tell, but we certainly would be okay with that.