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Come hang out with LGHL in Washington DC this weekend

The Ohio State DC Alumni Club, Matt Brown, and other friends of LGHL invite you, yes YOU, to hang out with this this Saturday

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hold up we’re doing this again? YUP!

Hi friends! Did you read about a few LGHL events a few months ago in Columbus and New York and wish you could come? Do you live in in the Washington D.C. area, or are willing to travel there this weekend? Because if so, well friend, you’re in luck!

The Ohio State Alumni Club of DC has joined up with Matt Brown, our former manager and current jack-of-all-trades for SB Nation, to host another get together. The event is free, there will be food and drink, cheap copies of Matt’s book, and a chance to talk about college football history, sports media, or whatever else y’all would like to talk about.

Even if you’re not interested in the book, it’s a chance to network and hang out with fellow Buckeye fans in the DMV. Everybody, whether you went to Ohio State or not, is invited to attend. Here are the details.

When: Saturday, February 24

Where: Tommy Joes, at 7940 Norfolk Ave. Bethesda, MD 20814

What time: 11:30-1:30 ET.

Are there gonna be books?: Friend, you bet. Matt will be there to sign and sell copies of What If? A closer look at college football’s great questions. There’s a few chapters that touch on Ohio State football history here, (like a world without Michigan in the Big Ten, or how the 2007 season would have gone differently if Pitt had beaten WVU), but also plenty for the college football fan interested in other conferences or eras. Between us friends, it’ll be a little cheaper for you to buy the book here, rather than online, or at the few DC bookstores that are carrying it.

Is this the last scheduled meetup? As of right now, yes, although there’s a chance we may do one in Chicago later this summer. But if there’s interest, we may host more meetups that have nothing to do with books this year as well.

Should be fun. Hope to see y’all there!