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Be the coolest person in your office with our new Land-Grant Holy Land socks

Nothing screams GO BUCKS like wearing LGHL on your feet.

It’s been said that everyone else puts their socks on one foot at a time, but fortunately for Ohio State fans, these socks are just better than anyone else’s. In addition to the legendary “Actually, The Spot Was Good” t-shirt, your pals at LGHL are now offering the coolest socks online.

You can rep your support for the Scarlet and Gray, as well as the best Ohio State blog on the net, thanks to our friends at HoopSwagg. These “fan-tastic” socks are available in a wide range of sizes for men, women, and children and can be yours for just $14.99.

You can get your pair here, and all orders ship within about a week. So, by this time next week, you could be rocking the coolest socks in all of Buckeye Nation, perfect for when you head to the bars to watch Ohio State basketball in the NCAA Tournament. Or for church. Or for whatever. We’re not your boss.