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J.T. Barrett talks future of the Ohio State offense at the NFL Combine

The Buckeye QB talked about the new Co-Offensive Coordinator situation and upcoming quarterback competition.

NFL: Combine Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State’s only three-time captain in program history, quarterback J.T. Barrett took the podium for some questions from the media at the 2018 NFL Combine. The Buckeye has already undergone his medical exams, measurements and some team interviews, but before he suits up for the on-field portion of the four-day interview, he also talked about the future of Ohio State’s offense.

One of the recent changes since Barrett’s last snap was the promotion of QB coach Ryan Day to Co-Offensive Coordinator. Day is now expected to share the role with Kevin Wilson, a combination that Barrett seemed a little unsure of.

I don’t know. Coach Day and Coach Wilson will make it work. We were successful last season and they’re going to do a great job with making oho state the best it can be.

You can’t blame the guy for not going all-in on the new coordinator duo, he himself only had one year playing under either of them, and sharing duties can sometimes muddy the water. Regardless, Barrett seemed excited to see who would fill his shoes as the No. 1 QB for the Buckeyes next season, noting that all three candidates are solid options.

They have some great quarterbacks at Ohio State and they’re going to battle it out. The next quarterback is going to do a great job at Ohio State. I’m not sure whether it’s going to be Dwayne, Joe or Tate. Y’all are going to follow it at spring practice so y’all will probably know more than I do.

Whoever takes over his role will certainly have some big shoes to fill. In addition to being one of the most decorated quarterbacks to ever come through Columbus, Barrett is also the only QB to beat Michigan four times as the starter. Having never lost to the Buckeyes’ bitter rival is something he holds in high regard.

I’m really glad we didn’t lose against those guys. That rivalry is always going to be there. I don’t think that fire ever burns out that we have between those guys, not just teams but fans. To say I was a part of teams that didn’t lose means a lot to me.

And if you’ve spent the past year or two wondering if there was any love lost between J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones following their QB competition in 2015, prepare to rest easy. It seems the two Buckeyes have kept in touch well after 12-gauge left for the NFL.

“My man Cardale, I talked to him on a weekly basis. Every two days he’s calling my phone.”

The 2018 season will be a big adjustment from the past several seasons, and with a new starting quarterback, a new era of Buckeye football will be ushered in. Let’s just hope they continue to be a College Football Playoff worthy team.