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Real Life Wednesdays are back for Ohio State in 2018

The Buckeyes stay committed to developing their players on and off the field.

There are few college programs that put as much emphasis on preparing their players for life after football as Urban Meyer and his staff do. Ohio State’s commitment to developing young men on and off the field has been a big draw for recruits in recent years, and with the start of the 2018 Real Life Wednesdays, the Buckeyes are once again providing their players with opportunities that extend far past the gridiron.

Urban Meyer notes in a video released today that times have changed, not only for student-athletes, but for graduates in general, and simply having a college degree isn’t enough anymore to ensure a job and career post-graduation.

So he and his staff make the extra effort to prepare their players for life after football. The Buckeyes might have a great reputation for sending players to the NFL after their college careers are over, but there are far more players who go on to do something other than football after their collegiate careers, and Meyer and company want to make sure that those young men are prepared as well.