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Curtis Samuel’s diamond chain will go great with all his gold pants for owning Michigan

Nothing like having a reminder of your game-winning TD against your bitter rival.

Most Ohio State football players proudly flaunt their wins over rival Michigan with their iconic gold pants around their necks. However, former Buckeye H-back Curtis Samuel took things one step further, and added a diamond-encrusted pendant to his jewelry collection. But, this is not just any diamond-encrusted pendant, it is in the shape of his heroic, game-winning pose that officially sealed the 2016 edition of The Game.

During Samuel’s time at Ohio State, he beat the Wolverines three times, and earned quite a bit of bragging rights, but his performance in the 2016 matchup is what makes his chain choice so great.

He only finished with seven carries for 54 yards (with 32 receiving yards), but his run into the endzone— following the legendarily good spot— ended the second overtime, and immediately became one of the most memorable moments from the rivalry in recent memory.

Just because Samuel is now playing in the NFL for the Carolina Panthers doesn’t mean his Ohio State allegiance lessens in anyway, and he now has another constant reminder of his repeated victories over That Team Up North.

And, in case you were wondering: