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Video: Take a look at the sights, sounds from Ohio State’s spring game in VR/360˚

A quick peek in 360˚ of the Buckeyes’ 2018 spring game. If you have a Virtual Reality headset, take an even more immersive look.

We here at Land-Grant Holy Land believe in pushing the envelope when it comes to creating content. We’ve upped our game when it comes to video, like creating backdrops and visual effects—and we’ll only get better with time.

Last week at the Ohio State Buckeyes spring game, we tried to do something even bolder: record video, with the hope of creating something that can be viewed in full 360 degrees and in Virtual Reality with the proper headset. Now, it’s finally done.

It’s a short video package that combines sights and sounds from the spring game, with Urban Meyer’s post game press conference (and another LGHL video) embedded within. If you took a look, tell us what you thought about it in the comment section.

Note: For best results, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when viewing this video. If you have a Virtual Reality headset (e.g., Oculus), the video should play when accessing YouTube through the VR headset. If on mobile, the 360˚ view should be accessible using the latest version of YouTube.