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Ohio State received their 2017 Big Ten Championship rings and they are spectacular

Oooh, shiny.

Liam McCullough

Warning, Land-Grant Holy Land is about to become a jewelry blog, because, today, members of the 2017 Ohio State football team got their Big Ten Championship rings. And they are fancy!

The massive rings feature what appears to be a ruby Block O in the center of a large, sunken face backed by dozens of sparkling diamonds. On the outside are more diamonds framing the center stones with the words “2017 Big Ten Champions” surrounding the vibrant red rock.

In the video above, former Buckeye captain Billy Price told his teammates that the rings were a symbol of their brotherhood, and the accountability that they held each other to throughout the season.

On the year, the Buckeyes went 7-1 in the conference regular season, and advanced to the B1G championship game, where they beat then-No. 4 Wisconsin 27-21 to claim the conference crown.

For last year’s fifth-year seniors, it marked their second Big Ten Championship ring, to go along with their National Championship ring, and five pairs of gold pants for going undefeated against Michigan during their time in Columbus.

It’s always a good day to be an Ohio State Buckeye, but when the bling comes in, it becomes a great day!