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Top 2019 Ohio State prospect announces latest official visit plans

Zach Harrison sets his official visit dates for OSU and a bitter rival.

Zach Harrison

Yesterday marked 100 days until the Ohio State Buckeyes are back on the gridiron kicking off against the other OSU, Oregon State. The staff is always working tirelessly to land the next top batch of recruits to suit up for the Buckeyes. While the 2019 class is expecting some “booms” in the weeks to come, the class has potential to be one of the nation’s best if things go according to plan. In the coming months, the staff will be doing what they can to land the No. 1 class in the country—while also getting ready for a playoff caliber season.

C’mon Harrison, give us the good news

Maybe you’re tired of hearing about the same type of description, but truly, there may not be another player in the tenure of Urban Meyer at Ohio State that is more of a “must get” prospect than in-state stud Zach Harrison. Everyone knows what the top ranking Harrison possesses; whether it’s his insanely fast track times, his pure size, or his highlight film, the Buckeyes (and everyone else in the country) want Zach Harrison in their 2019 class. A true game changer at 6-foot-6, 245 pounds, Harrison’s abilities give reason to believe the sky is the limit for his potential. Being just minutes away from campus his whole life though, that has this Ohio State staff knowing this class isn’t a true success unless they get their top guy and Ohio’s best.

A quiet prospect on the recruiting front, Harrison keeps it pretty close to hush. Not one for the limelight, it’s been said that Harrison truly doesn’t really like the recruiting process and when he has his mind made up on the school of his choice, he will then and there end the recruitment and focus on playing. Until then, the waiting game continues. A decision though, may not be all that far off.

Yesterday, Zach announced his official visit plans for the remaining schools that are thought to be in this battle to land his incredible services. After already seeing Penn State officially, Ohio State and Michigan are the remaining two that will see the visits. However, it’s rumored that Clemson could receive a visit, too. To get back on track, the important question is which of the two schools will receive the last official visit. As we’ve seen time and time again in the recruiting process with several top stars, the last visit is usually the visit for the school who not only leads in the recruitment, but also the visit that leaves the best impression considering it’s the one with the most momentum and recent memory.

For the Buckeyes, good news was announces as Zach is set to visit Michigan on June 21 and then head home to see his backyard Buckeyes on June 23. With not much time in between the visits, it’s looking clear that Harrison is ready to get this decision either made or pretty close to finalized before he announces publicly. If the Buckeyes trend continues, their red carpet affair for their top prospect will hopefully keep this five-star at home. In the end, the distance, relationship with his mother, proximity to campus, and the chance to compete at a top program ensures life after football will be a success.

With those keys in Zach’s hand, there’s reason for believing that, in the end, he will decide to stay home. On Aug. 14, Harrison’s birthday, or shortly after, we may know.

Quick Hits:

  • 2020 quarterback Jack Miller, the No. 5 ranked pro-style signal caller of Arizona will be back to visit Ohio State late June. The plan is to show Miller’s mother Ohio State since she has yet to see campus. Miller is thought to be a Buckeye lean and this visit could easily have both parties continuing to build a strong relationship and push for Jack to be the leader of the 2020 class.