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Ohio State players react to Joe Burrow’s plan to transfer

As is usually the case, Burrow’s Buckeye teammates took to Twitter following the news.

Ohio State v Rutgers Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

It was a decision that many were expecting, but it doesn’t make the news for teammates and fans any easier. Quarterback Joe Burrow has officially announced his plan to transfer following last weekend’s graduation, and there’s a whole host of potential landing spots for the now former-Buckeye.

As the rumor-mill heats up about where the QB might land, let’s take a quick moment to see the impact that he’s had on his teammates, and how they’re handling the news that he’s leaving.

Lets start with the QBs he’s been competing with

One could easily assume that the QB competition left some issues among the three signal-callers, but there appears to be no ill-will between the Buckeyes as they tried to improve themselves day in and day out. Similar to the bond that J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones developed in the trenches, Burrow will certainly have brothers for life after his stint in Columbus.

Some of Burrow’s other teammates took to Twitter too

Some former Buckeyes are also voicing their reactions

If you’re looking for some more insight from Burrow and/or his family about his decision to transfer, you shouldn’t hold your breath. It appears that Burrow’s lone-statement will be all that the QB and his family will address publicly.