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4-star receiver Jameson Williams is very interested in Ohio State

The Saint Louis star had very good things to say to SBNation’s own Bud Elliott.

Jameson Williams

Ohio State could be looking at a pretty big haul in the class of 2019 at the receiver position. The Buckeyes are expecting a ton of attrition after this season, as they’ll be losing seniors Johnnie Dixon, Parris Campbell, CJ Saunders, and Terry McLaurin, and could send Binjimen Victor, Austin Mack, KJ Hill to the NFL, if any of them break out this season. That’s a ton of production to lose in one season, and Ohio State would really like to soften the blow with a great 2019 class.

To help do that, Ohio State may be headed back to Saint Louis, where they landed two receivers (Cameron Brown and Kamryn Babb) in the class of 2018. There’s yet another top receiver from The Gateway City again in 2019: Cardinal Ritter College Prep star Jameson Williams. Williams is one of Ohio State’s top receiver targets in 2019, and he showed out this weekend at the Under Armor Chicago camp.

247Sports declared that Williams was the top receiver at the camp, and had quite a bit of good things to say about him in this piece, including this quote that should make Buckeye fans very excited:

“In a group of really good receivers, he has another gear from most of the rest of the pack. He eats up cushion quickly and quick feet in addition to that pure speed. He caught the ball consistently also. He is still adding strength, but he has tools and showed competitiveness as well.”

SBNation’s own Bud Elliott was also in attendance for the event, and caught up with Jameson after the event. We’ve included the audio, but there’s some key quotes worth talking about specifically, including this one, around the one minute mark, where he claims that Ohio State is the only lock for his top five schools:

Bud: “If you had to make like a top five, like, next month or something, are there two or three locks?”

Jameson: ”There’s probably only one spot and that’s probably Ohio State.”

He goes on to elaborate as to why Ohio State is secure in their spot:

Bud: “What makes [you] say they’re definitely gonna be in there?”

Jameson: ”They shoot out the roof with the recruiting so, like the whole staff, I talk to the whole staff almost every week. I hear from coach (Zach) Smith, coach Urban Meyer, coach (Brian) Hartline, heard from the d-line coach, defensive coordinator, all that. Everybody talks to me”

Jameson also talks a little bit about what Ohio State does offensively, and goes on to mention that he is familiar with Ohio State quarterback target Grant Gunnell. They also talk briefly about Ohio State’s possible shift to a more pass heavy offense under Ryan Day, an idea that Jameson is very much excited about.

Bud: “What do you like about what they do offensively?”

Jameson: ”I just like how they move the ball. It’s not no set offense, they run, they hustle, the receivers are doing a lot of blocking... I just like how they move the ball, I mean everybody touches the ball, not just one single person”

Bud: “I was just in Texas talking to, you know (Grant) Gunnell?”

Jameson: ”Grant Gunnell? Yeah, yeah, we took an unofficial (visit) to Oregon together.”

Bud: “I was talking to his dad, he said Ohio State is going to switch to more of a passing offense. is that something that appeals to you?”

Jameson: ”Yeah that’s something that most definitely appeals to me. I love that”

Bud wrote a full breakdown of the entire event, and mentions Jameson a little more, as well as a couple other recruits with Buckeye interest, like receiver Marcus Washington, running back Anthony Williams Jr, and 2020 back Mookie Cooper. It’s a great piece, and you can read it here.

If the Buckeyes will actually land Jameson Williams is obviously yet to be seen, but at this point, I think it’d be safe to say they lead the way for the 6-foot-2, 160-pounder. His style compliments the other receiver in the 2019 class right now, Garrett Wilson, very nicely, and a one-two punch of Williams and Wilson would be extremely dangerous. Throw in a deep threat like Elijah Higgins, or Marcus Washington, and a true slot guy like TJ Sheffield or even another possession guy like Dave Bell, and you’ve got quite the 2019 receiving group.