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Ohio State makes top 5 for star defensive tackle

Could the Buckeyes be landing yet another interior defensive lineman?

Joshua Harris

If you’re keeping track, we’re officially under 100 days until Ohio State kicks off their 2018 season. With 94 days to be exact, Buckeye football cannot seem to come soon enough. As the summer months approach, camp season will be in full swing for the Buckeyes. Set to host multiple camp dates and also be in attendance at more, the summer will see plenty of recruiting efforts. Currently though, while the Buckeyes haven’t gained a commitment or pledge from a 2019 kid in a few weeks, the future is still very bright. As we await the next pledge, it’s important to keep in mind that this Buckeye football staff has everything mapped out and are currently working hard on the trail to keep the 2019 class much like the previous Meyer classes—which are top notch to say the least.

Buckeyes make the short list

Ever since defensive line coach Larry Johnson got on campus, he’s been a wrecking ball on the recruiting trail. If it seems like each and every cycle he hits a home run with a top stud defensive line prospect, it’s because he has. Whether it’s in or out of state, Johnson has been basically able to call his shot and land his guys. Thankfully, what was once a little bit of a worry at the interior defensive tackle spots, now, thanks to that recruiting ability by Johnson, the Buckeyes have not only depth, but more than enough talent to be one of the strengths of the team and country. His coaching speaks for itself, but when considering his relentless pursuit of the next great Buckeye defensive lineman, there’s a reason Johnson is considered by many to be the best in the business. Buckeye fans are hoping 2019’s class continues with that same trend.

Yesterday, North Carolina native Joshua Harris, a 6-foot-2, 315-pound four-star defensive tackle took to Twitter to announce his top five schools list—and the Buckeyes were able to make the cut. Joining Ohio State are NC State, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Interesting of note, though, Harris has yet to make it up to Columbus for an Ohio State visit. In other words, the Buckeyes are the lone school to not have a visit in his top five schools he’s still considering before making the final call. For the Buckeyes to still be in the mix for this four-star prospect, it speaks to not only the caliber of team they are, but also the amount of respect they have earned on the recruiting front. For a prospect to not even yet visit but still seriously have interest in your program, that speaks for itself right there.

While that is impressive in and of itself, the scoop is that Harris does have an official visit locked in for the Buckeyes and will change the “yet to visit” status before all is said and done. As many have said time and time again too, when the Buckeyes are able to get a prospect on campus, anything is possible. With the red carpet treatment they are able to lay out and not to mention every other aspect that goes into a visit, you have to like where Ohio State already stands, but also what could be after Joshua does indeed see campus for the first time.

Currently, Harris is considered to be the 15th best defensive tackle prospect in the country for the 2019 class and is also the ninth best prospect in North Carolina for the current cycle. While the Tar Heels and Wolfpack are hoping to keep this stud within the state lines, Urban Meyer and Larry Johnson may have other plans. Time will tell, but the Buckeyes are at least still in it even before his first visit.

The QB situation never stays the same

If it feels like the only subjects talked about recently within Ohio State football is the quarterback spot, you’re not wrong. Whether it be the actual QB of the upcoming season or the recruitment of 2019 QBs which is ever changing, the signal caller spot is truly seeing most of if not all the attention in the world. At a place like Ohio State though, that is and should be expected. A position of fame and scrutiny, finding the right guy for the job each and every season is never an easy task.

As heard several times before, the recruitment of 2019 QBs seems to never be anything but certain. With the impression that the class itself is lacking of a depth of solid guys at the position, Ohio State is being ever so careful to say the least. While a leader has thought to have been in the fold with Grant Gunnell, he’s still not in the class and the coaching staff certainly seems to still be looking. If you fast forward though to the 2020 class, the long thought to be leader and maybe even “shoe-in” for the Buckeyes is Arizona native Jack Miller. The fifth best pro-style QB in the 2020 class is a heavy favorite to Ohio State on the 247sports crystal ball predictions, and that follows the trend of everyone else’s thinking as well, which is Miller being the guy for the Buckeyes in 2020.

News surfaced late last week that Miller would be making a return trip to Columbus to see the Buckeyes. This time, in attendance would be Miller’s mom who has yet to see what Ohio State has to offer, at least on sight. However, more trips are now included in that news. Yesterday, via Jeremy Birmingham’s Twitter account, we learned that Jack will not only be seeing Ohio State, but will also be making trips to both Michigan, Michigan State and Alabama the same week. A busy time for Miller and his family, it’s not out of the ordinary to see a prospect making multiple trips to “closer” distant locations while away from home.

Fortunately, the Buckeye football staff has already made Jack a high priority and maybe even their top priority at the position for their 2020 class. Their relationships seem to be very strong even with two full seasons still to be played at the prep level. It can never hurt to make a great first impression and Meyer and the rest of the staff and program have seemed to do just that. If all goes according to plan, Jack may be the next great Miller to suit up in the Scarlet and Gray.