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3-star athlete Craig Young commits to Ohio State

Just days after a great camp performance, Young is officially a Buckeye commit

Craig Young
Tom Loy - 247Sports

College football recruiting is a strange, high pressure game, that never really stops or even slows down. Because it deals with coaches that need to succeed to keep their jobs, and teens making the most important decision of their loves, there’s a tendency for the recruiting world to be very volatile. With offers, visits, and constant contact, things can change in the matter of hours, and frequently do.

We’ve seen countless last second signing day flips, out-of-the-blue visits to rival schools, offers that change an entire recruitment, and pretty much anything imaginable. On Tuesday, Craig Young’s entire recruitment changed. Today, it ended.

Young, a 6-foot-4, 210 pound Fort Wayne (Indiana) product had his entire future drastically changed on Tuesday afternoon. He was in Columbus for Ohio State’s recruiting camp, and, according to every report out of the camp, put on an absolute show. Despite receiving an offer from Ohio State in January, and visiting campus twice since then, Young had not yet been given the green light to commit to Ohio State, his top school.

The third visit all he needed. With questions about his future at his listed position of receiver, Young moved all over the field at the camp, and showed out at defensive end, linebacker, and safety. He played just about every position Ohio State could think to put him at, and showed the coaching staff exactly what they wanted to see.

About halfway through the camp, he spent some time talking to Urban Meyer, Alex Grinch, and Mark Pantoni. That meeting was likely about him being given the green light to commit. Just two days later, Young is officially a member of Ohio State’s 2019 class.

Young is the 11th member of the class, and either the fifth or sixth defensive player in the class, depending on where Steele Chambers plays in college (my prediction is running back). He’s listed on 247Sports as a receiver, and sits at 684th nationally. I don’t think either of those will remain true over the summer.

It’s not clear yet where Young will play at Ohio State, but it’s safe to say he’ll likely be a defender. Based on size, and athleticism, linebacker would make a lot of sense for Young, but I wouldn’t rule out safety either. He’s a versatile athlete, and he’ll play wherever Ohio State thinks he fits best.

This switch to defense should have a positive impact on his ranking as well. If what Ohio State saw was enough to convince them that Young is worth taking, he’ll likely be able to show those skills off at various recruiting camps all summer. I think Young is more talented than his ranking, and wouldn’t be surprised at all if he picks up a fourth star sooner rather than later.