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With camp season underway, Ohio State hosts top stars

The Buckeyes continues to bring in a loaded slate for summer camps

Brian Maurer

The QB situation is ever changing

It’s been talked about time and time again, and rightfully so: When you consider the recruiting class for each year, the quarterback position is not only a headliner type of spot, but also (in many cases) the leader of your recruiting class. With so many responsibilities—like being in the ear of other top targets—the QB spot is one that you nail down early in the process. For Ohio State in 2019, it’s no secret it’s been a bit of a whirlwind in terms of who is actually thought to be the main QB target, and who will actually end up in the class when all is said and done. One thing that is pretty cemented though is the fact that the Buckeyes need a QB in this class and even though 2020 looks to be a little brighter in terms of talent and reciprocated relationships, the staff knows 2019 needs to provide some depth.

With camp season on campus in full effect, more than a few QBs will be talking and competing for the Buckeye coaching staff first hand. With the recent commitment to Arizona for one time Buckeye target Grant Gunnell, those QBs competing may be garnering a little extra attention since a few previous targets have decided to go elsewhere and/or stay committed to their current school of choice. Yesterday, for example, Graham Mertz, a Kansas native currently committed to Wisconsin, took to Twitter to make it clear that while he’s thankful for all of the coaches and programs who showed and continue to recruit him, he’s 100 percent committed to Wisconsin and not considering anyone else. This comes as a little bit of bad news for the Ohio State Buckeyes because Mertz is certainly a candidate the staff would love to “flip” considering he’s a high four-star prospect with a loaded ability at the ever so important spot.

Some good news, though, came through yesterday. Another 2019 QB, Brian Maurer of Ocala, Fla., took to Twitter to let Buckeye Nation know he would be in attendance next weekend for a two-day June 21-22 unofficial visit that will also see Brian camp and compete first-hand for the coaching staff.

A higher ranked three-star, Brian is the 18th best pro-style QB in the current cycle as well as a QB who currently holds nearly 20 offers. He doesn’t have an offer from the Buckeyes, but with the QB recruitment going the way it has (and maybe with a stellar camp performance), Maurer can impress enough to land the Buckeye offer. If so, look for Maurer to definitely start to trend in favor of Ohio State. Until then, the search continues on for the 2019 QB in Ohio State’s class.

Quick Hits:

  • St. Louis four-star receiver Jameson Williams, Missouri’s third best prospect announced a final top-5 school list yesterday. Making the cut included Ohio State, Oregon, UCLA, Alabama and Nebraska. Fortunately, Ohio State is the clear front runner in this recruitment and owns all of the 247sports crystal ball predictions.
  • Four-star 2020 defensive tackle prospect Alex Huntley of South Carolina will camp at Ohio State this weekend. The fifth best DT in the 2020 class does not currently hold a Buckeye offer, but a strong camp could change that very soon.
  • A top 2020 receiver, AJ Henning of Illinois will visit Ohio State this coming weekend. A top-five receiver in the country, the Buckeyes would love to get a relationship with Henning trending in the right way.