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Competition isn’t limited to on the field for Ohio State football players

What screams summertime more than a watermelon eating contest?

It’s scorching hot outside, and we’re still a couple months away from football season, but that isn’t stopping the the freshman on the Ohio State football team from competing with each other — in just about anything.

This is about the time in the offseason when coaches and team turn their focus on building a rapport among their players and establish some chemistry that can translate onto the field. Buckeyes usually spend their summers paintballing with their position groups, grilling out at Urban Meyer’s house, and/or doing a slew of other unrelated activities.

Now that the freshman have landed in Columbus and are starting to get their feet wet with a new group of teammates, they participated in a friendly watermelon eating contest to break the ice a bit.

Wide receiver coach Zach Smith went over the rules before turning things loose, but win or lose, it still seems like a decent way to spend a summer afternoon.