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Ohio State freshman Jaelen Gill is looking to make an impact at H-back

Also, who you got in the CFP this year? Yea, I’ve probably got the same thing.

Brian Perroni, 247Sports
Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

“The H-back position at Ohio State is deep, with Parris Campbell and K.J. Hill coming back as key contributors and Demario McCall fighting for reps. But [Jaelen] Gill will be a factor at some point because this position perfectly suits his skill set.”

-Ryan Ginn, Land of 10

For all of the talk since Urban Meyer arrived in Columbus about developing the “next Percy Harvin,” the Buckeyes have only had one dominant H-back, and that was Curtis Samuel. Coming into 2018, there are three players that should see touches from the position; converted wide receiver Parris Campbell will again be the starter, K.J. Hill— another former WR— will likely be his back-up, with running back turned special teams ace Demario McCall fighting for time as well.

However, there is another name that Buckeye fans should get used to “Ewwwing” and “Ahhhing” over that might see time at H-back depending on how things shake out this season: Jaelen Gill.

The Westerville product was the 30th-ranked player in the 2018 recruiting class, and had offers from dozens of major programs around the country. But, now that he’s on campus and preparing for his first season of collegiate football, Gill is doing everything that he can to improve himself.

“I watch my own film almost every day, not to glorify myself or anything,” the freshman told Ginn. “I just try to watch the smallest things. Even if it’s a good play or whatever, I’ll see if I could have done anything better and just look at footwork and all that stuff.”

The 6-foot-1, lightning-footed athlete says that Meyer has told him that he can be “as good or better than Harvin and Samuel.” Of course two factors for Gill (and all of the potential H-backs) when it comes to the position’s productivity this year will be how new quarterback Dwayne Haskins steps in to replace J.T. Barrett and how Ryan Day’s play-calling takes advantage of all of the Buckeyes’ weapons.

If the rotation seen last year is any indication, Meyer and company will likely feel free to rotate their cavalcade of skill position players into games, especially when the outcome is no longer in doubt. And, with the recent rule change allowing players to retain their redshirts even if they’ve played in four games, the options for how Gill could be used are many. Either way, if and when he does see the field for the Buckeyes, the impact could be electric.

“So, who makes the 2018 College Football Playoff? The safest bet involves some combination of Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Clemson, Oklahoma or Washington.”

-Bill Bender, The Sporting News

Look, when it comes to predictions— whether its March Madness, the Oscars, or the College Football Playoff— it’s always smartest to go with chalk if you want to have the best outcome, but come on, Bender (I swear I won’t make a “Futurama” joke), have some guts here.

Of those seven legitimate options and Michigan, Bender went with Oklahoma, Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State for the CFP. That’s the ultimate “sticking with chalk” move, because those are the only four schools to have ever made the CFP multiple times. Bender then really rolls the dice and goes with ‘Bama and Clemson to meet in the playoffs for the fourth year in a row (does that make Clemson the Cavs?); this time in the Championship game for the third time in four years.

Now, of course this all makes logical sense, and he did stipulate that these picks were the “safest bet,” but where’s the fun in that? It’s not like pundits (sports, politics, weather, or whatever) are ever held accountable for their failed predictions, so you might as well go buck wild.

Call for UCF to win its second-straight national title, this time legitimately. Call for the Big Ten to have two teams make the CFP for the first time ever. Call for Bill Snyder to take Kansas State to a Big XII title and then the playoffs. We are six and a half months away from crowning a new college football champ, and more than a month away from programs opening up fall camp; there’s no need to be logical with your predictions. No one will remember who you picked in a couple of weeks anyway, so go crazy!

Oh, me? You’d like to know who I’m picking to go to the CFP this season? Hmmmmm, let me think. I’m gonna go with... Ohio State, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Clemson. You’re welcome.


-ActionCookbook, Every Day Should be Saturday

Like I mentioned above, we’ve still got some time before the college football season kicks off. In fact, it is just under 59 days until the first game of the season. So, it looks like our SBNation friends over at Every Day Should Be Saturday have decided to spend some of their slower summer days trolling Ohio State fans; as one apparently does.

“ActionCookbook” posted a satirical article today that implied that Ohio State fandom was something akin to a religious order that requires door-to-door evangelism. While I have been known to say, “From your mouth to Woody’s ears,” I do think that the characterization is a bit extreme, especially considering all of the loyal, level-headed Buckeye fans that frequent the pages of Land-Grant Holy Land, whom would never behave in a manner that would embarrass or tarnish the reputation of the fine institution that we all support.

So, on behalf of all Ohio State fans (alumni or otherwise), I take personal offense to the representation in the article, and hereby bite my thumb in its general direction. That being formally entered into the official record, I am all for every single joke at the expense of appropriately nicknamed “Dry Rot,” “Beaver,” and “Dutch Elm Disease.”


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