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Ohio State focuses on the Tar Heel State for latest recruit offer

A North Carolina prospect is the latest to earn the coveted Buckeye offer.

Kedrick Bingley-Jones

When June rolls around, football fans know that the fall season is getting close enough to smell it. Fans begin to predict what is going to happen in the fall with wins and losses. Much work begins anew for the OSU football coaching staffs: summer camp for new prospects, the sacred camp for the returning footballers, and, of course, recruiting for the future.

With the Ohio State Buckeyes football camp season getting underway, the opportunity presents itself for many Ohio and out-of-state prospects to come to campus. There are also many prospective “bubble” players hoping to get an Ohio State offer. As we’ve seen in the past, many football players who the Buckeyes aren’t “sold” on come to camp to impress and hope that they, too, will become Buckeyes. The OSU football staff knows what young men are coming. It is an exciting period of time for both the coaches and the players.

2020 Football prospect lands an Ohio State offer

Most of the prospects receiving Buckeye offers currently are going to be 2020 prospects. With the 2019 guys being the current class cycle, Mark Pantoni and Urban Meyer have realized who they want in their next Ohio State class. There may be one or two campers this summer who become a priority, but 2020 is where recruiting fans should really pay attention. Yesterday was certainly another case in point.

Headed to North Carolina, the latest prospect to receive the impressive Ohio State offer was Kedrick Bingley-Jones. A Kannapolis, N.C., native, Kedrick is continuing to see his recruitment take off at an increased rate. A 6-foot-4, 240-pound defensive end, Bingley-Jones is currently ranked as the No. 13 DE, and is also the eighth best player in North Carolina for the ‘20 class, according to 247sports. Impressive to say the least, Kedrick really saw a jump in interest earlier in May when Texas A&M, Maryland, NC State, Georgia and Florida State all offered within the same few short weeks.

Fast forward to June, and with the Buckeyes now knocking at the door, it’s only a matter of time before seemingly every program in the country enters the race for his services. Kedrick still has two full prep seasons to develop before his college ball is played, so it’s clear that his abilities, size and strength will all continue to increase—making him a huge asset for the teams he will consider. He’s yet to step foot in Columbus for an unofficial Buckeye visit, but with Meyer’s track record of getting guys on campus and selling the program, you can probably bet Kedrick will make the trip before all is said and done. Until then, the Buckeyes are in the game and will continue building a relationship between the two.

What in the world is going on?

If the heading above is any indication, well you know then that nobody seems to have a clue with what is going on in the 2019 class regarding the quarterback situation. For a while it seemed that Grant Gunnell was the guy, but after his commitment to Arizona this week, it became very evident that he wasn’t the guy. It’s been a little confusing, and honestly, most aren’t really sure if the Buckeyes even have a guy they really like for this current class. It’s been said by many that the 2019 cycle just doesn’t have a great depth of highly rated quarterbacks.

The guy though? That remains to be seen.

Looking at the 2020 class, Jack Miller has been linked to the Buckeyes as the guy to be not only the signal caller in the class, but the leader, too. However, throw in current 2020 commit Jake Wray, and you have the storyline that his current high school teammate and QB he personally protects, Harrison Bailey, was just on campus with Wray to see what the Buckeyes had to offer. Knowing Jake will be in his teammate’s ear for the better part of the next two years, you have another strong candidate Ohio State will pursue in the 2020 class.

But what does all of this mean, knowing that a year from now things are a little brighter? It means trust the Ohio State staff. Their ability to win on and off the field in the Meyer tenure is more than enough reason to put your trust in them. It also means a “flip” could be possible as well as a few new names could enter the room as potential guys to go after and land. With the camp season coming up like already mentioned too, there’s a few at the position that will be in attendance. For example, in the coming months to follow, 2019 QB Brian Maurer of Ocala, Fla., is currently committed to West Virginia, but has a visit to see the Buckeyes already set for this summer. Throw in 2022 QB Tevin Carter, a young phenom with seven offers already, and you have yet another guy that will be on campus as early as today.

To put the long story short: the Buckeyes will sign a QB in their 2019 class. We may know the name or we may not, but the staff should have earned enough of your trust already to realize it will work out in the end.

Quick Hits:

  • Ohio State’s coaching staff has already been on the road out of state to attend a few camps. Yesterday, Clark Atlanta University announced the Buckeyes will be one of the schools in attendance on their 1-day, June 13 camp in Georgia.
  • 6-foot-5, 210 pound tight end Brandon Strange of West Virginia just visited Ohio State this past week on Monday. Since then, he has received an offer from Wake Forest with more certainly to follow. Looking like he’s trying to earn a Buckeye offer, he will be returning to campus to camp for the staff just next week.