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Quiet period arrives ahead of huge weekend for Ohio State

Will the Buckeyes make some moves during this upcoming quiet period?

Darrion Henry

After a few weeks of dead period, in which no face-to-face contact is allowed between coaches and recruits, we entered a quiet period at midnight. This is a huge deal for Ohio State (more on this soon), but before we get too far into it, what exactly is the quiet period? What’s the difference between quiet and dead? SBNation’s Bud Elliott has you covered:

“The quiet period tightens things a bit more, preventing any off-campus contact or viewing. Visits to the college’s campus and written or electronic communications are still permitted. Coaches often try to have prospects visit campus unofficially during this time in the spring and early summer, so that they can become familiar with campus.”

The quiet period is a short one, just from midnight (July 25) to midnight next Tuesday night, but it’s a crucial one for Ohio State. They’ve been waiting for this for weeks, because of a few recruits with quickly approaching announcement dates: Zach Harrison and Marcus Washington.

The Buckeyes also have several massive visits scheduled this week, that just happen to coincide very nicely with the ending of this quiet period, before another dead period takes over that’ll take us to the end of August. That visit includes some of Ohio State’s biggest 2020 targets, including guard Jakai Moore today, and Darrion Henry, Tre Williams, Rashawn Williams, Rakim Jarrett, Deamonte Trayanum and Michael Drennan this weekend.

While I don’t think of ton of those guys are on commitment watch, a few are worth paying attention to, specifically Henry, Jarrett and Drennan. My guess is that Henry joins the 2020 class this weekend. That may not be the end of the booms in the coming weeks either, because Ohio State will be in heavy contact with Marcus Washington and Zach Harrison, who are set to commit Aug. 7 and Aug. 14, respectively. I think Ohio State lands both of them.


It’s not too often that Ohio State is the first team to offer a recruit. It’s much more Urban Meyer’s style to notice offers from smaller schools in the MAC, or mid-level Big Ten programs like Indiana, Purdue, or Michigan, and then swoop in and extend an offer later on in the process. That wasn’t the case with Indiana defensive tackle Dane Middlebrook.

Middlebrook, a 6-foot-1, 310-pound class of 2020 prospect looks like a future nose tackle, and Ohio State is apparently very, very high on his game. He camped at Ohio State in June, and has been on campus several times, so the staff is very familiar with him. They’ve been considering this offer for weeks, and they were comfortable leading the pack here.

Middlebrook isn’t yet ranked in 2020, but with an Ohio State offer on board, he will likely be ranked shortly. Ball State, Indiana, Michigan State, Missouri and Purdue have all expressed interest as well. It’s not clear if this offer is commitable yet, and I imagine it’ll be a few months until we know if it is, but depending on that, Middlebrook could be a Buckeye really soon.