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Ohio State recruiting: Hartline making early impressions

Brian Hartline is making an early impression on Buckeye wide out recruits.

Brian Hartline

Being an Ohio State Buckeyes football fan is a bit interesting. With each new day bringing more news to the investigation into the football program, these 14 days leading to a final decision on Urban Meyer’s fate can’t come soon enough. Forget whose side you’re on. Let’s focus on the fact that there are only 20 days until the Buckeyes kick-off against Oregon State. That fact alone ought to bring all the joy you may require. With many recruits sure to be making their way to campus for the upcoming home games each weekend, recruiting is about to pick up.

When recruiting is the focus, Ohio State is one of the best.

Hartline making early impressions

Former Buckeye and NFL veteran Brian Hartline is the new receivers coach for the Buckeyes. The benefits of Hartline being the new position coach is multifold. His on-field experience in the indomitable “Horseshoe” is sure to be something his current players will look to with relish. Beyond just his playing experience though, the fact that he played those years in the NFL will make future Buckeyes eager to learn. Many of the high profile players coming to visit Ohio State come because of their opportunity to learn the position and the possibility of being drafted to the NFL. The last several NFL drafts have proved the quality of the coaching staff. With Hartline stepping into his new role will continue the level of coaching excellence to develop top caliber players.

Yesterday, recruiting analyst Bill Kurelic wrote about one player Hartline may be targeting. The 2020 Florida native Majon Wright, a 6-foot-2, 175-pound prospect, is currently considered to be a defensive safety. According to Kurelic, Wright is a player that may end up playing receiver at the next level. Graded out as a top 20 safety in the 2020 class, Wright is a high three-star product. Majon only has one 247sports crystal ball prediction, which is in favor of the home-state Florida Gators. If the Buckeyes want to become a serious threat to land Wright in their 2020 class, they’ll need to begin laying the foundation for a strong relationship. In Kurelic’s article, he mentions that Hartline did just that. Talking on the phone with Wright, it looks as if Hartline may develop a good relationship with this Southern star.

With offers from the likes of Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas State, UCF, and more, it’s very possible that if the trend continues, Wright could start to land the offers from the higher profile schools. One of those, of course, Ohio State.

Take care of your own backyard

Ohio State has been successful on the football field for many reasons, but one major reason is obviously recruiting. When it comes to recruiting, though, the ability this staff has to get who they want and need not only within their own borders, but nationally as well has proven to be a real difference maker. States such as Florida have always treated the Buckeyes well and that won’t stop any time soon. If anything, the continued poaching of Florida prep stars has other schools close to home re-thinking their strategies concerning their own backyard.

Yesterday, in an article with the Miami Herald, the picture was painted pretty simply: St. Thomas Aquinas in Ft. Lauderdale is a school that has literally been nothing short of a pipeline for the Buckeyes. Sending players like the Bosa brothers and more including current 2019 commit, Jordan Battle to Columbus, the Buckeyes have had no shortage of talent produced at this Florida powerhouse. It’s not hard to take note from anywhere, but local school Miami has taken notice of the success Ohio State is having at a school right in the Hurricane’s backyard and that has them doing some serious thinking about their recruiting strategies.

To put it simply, Miami wants to make Aquinas a legitimate priority, but if the Buckeyes can continue to have the success they’ve had, that may be pretty tough to beat. After all, there’s more than enough pro-Buckeye fans near the Aquinas program and that has Ohio State nothing but satisfied.