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Ohio State football players live it up at OTR II

The Buckeyes took a break from training camp to enjoy themselves a bit — a they did just that.


So, it all started early on Thursday with interim head coach Ryan Day making a deal with the Ohio State football players. If Sean Neuernberger made a field goal, they wouldn’t have team meetings later that night.

Neuernberger nailed it.

After the excitement of the newly free night had subsided, Day gathered the team and let them know that their night wasn’t exactly going to be free after all. Instead of meetings at the team hotel, they’d be heading to The ‘Shoe to see Beyonce and Jay-Z.

It wasn’t long after that, that the group found themselves hanging out with DJ Khaled — the opening act for the On The Run II tour.

DJ Khaled also took to Snap Chat to share in a rendition of “O-H, I-O” with the Buckeyes.

It wasn’t just backstage that the the rapper gave props to the Buckeyes either, with the team erupting from the stands when Khaled gave them a shout out from stage.

With all the drama surrounding the team the past few weeks, these guys deserve something to take their mind off what might come next, and have some fun as a group. Team bonding is never a bad thing, and hanging out with some of the world’s biggest stars has the be good for recruiting, right?