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Urban Meyer’s leave of absence impacts 4-star recruit’s commitment date

Will Marcus Washington be looking elsewhere?

Marcus Washington

It’s an odd time on the OSU campus and in Columbus right now. Wednesday’s bombshell of news that led to Urban Meyer being put on “paid administrative leave” changed much around the program, and everyone is in a state of shock right now. Coaches and players are in a state of flux now, and, perhaps, above all the recruits are probably wondering where the situation stands.

This is a time of confusion for everyone including ther recruits who are looking at The Ohio State University. And, while no commitments have backed out of their pledge (they might, if Urban is fired), everyone is in a bit of a wait and see mode right now. Commits, both in 2019 and 2020, and top prospects in both classes are all trying to figure out what the future is like at Ohio State Their waiting can throw a bit of a wrench in timetables.

We saw that manifested yesterday, as St. Louis receiver Marcus Washington announced that he was delaying his August 7th commitment date, and reopening his recruitment quest.

The fact that this comes on the heels of a tweet about having his decision made, three days ago, is certainly an interesting detail.

So what does this mean for Ohio State? Well, Washington had been trending away since the firing of Zach Smith, and honestly, I don’t think he was headed to Ohio State if he did announce on the 7th. The choice would’ve likely been Missouri His decision to delay is very interesting.

Is he waiting to see if Meyer is reinstated? Is he hoping that a potentially new staff would show a renewed interest in him? It’s hard to say right now. Without a timeline set now, it’s safe to expect Marcus to take a couple visits, and explore all of his options. When it comes to college football recruiting, exploring all options is never a bad idea for a recruit.

Firmly committed

While plenty of players are in wait and see mode, there are more commits and prospects who are still just as committed to, or interested in Ohio State, with or without Meyer. I think a good chunk of Ohio State 2019 class would likely remain committed even if Meyer is fired (not as confident about 2020), and yesterday, one of them made it known.

Young isn’t the only one to tweet affirmation about his commitment status, as Garrett Wilson, Doug Nester, and Dwan Mathis have re-up’d with the Buckeyes. Now, will those stand if Meyer is actually out? It’s hard to say right now. Recruiting would certainly get a little messy, as it always does when something like this (a coaching change) happens.

With that being said, however, this is Ohio State. A lot of kids commit for the school, not the coach, and a lot of these kids like Coach Ryan Day. The program is in good hands with him, now, and however long he’s running the show.