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Ohio State football is back at fall camp and the guys are putting in work


Practices may not have been open to the media, but the Ohio State Buckeyes reported for fall camp on Friday, and it seems like things are revving up as we get closer to the 2018 football season.

There are still a lot of question marks about what the sideline might look like this fall — and specifically what happens with Urban Meyer — but Robert Landers seemed to be in good spirits last week, and the latest video released by OSU shows the rest of the players ready to go to work.

This is still one of the most-talented rosters the Buckeyes have ever had, and as long as they can drown out the noise and stay focused, there’s no reason that this team can’t still meet and exceed their already-lofty expectations.

Hopefully, the Meyer situation gets resolved soon and players and assistants can make their plans for how best to make another run at the College Football Playoff.