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Ohio State’s Michael Jordan taking snaps at center

The veteran guard has been practicing snaps at center for the Buckeyes.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

“The starting experience on the offensive line is at tackle with Isaiah Prince, and at guard with Jordan, Demetrius Knox and Branden Bowen. I could see a scenario where Jordan plays center with Knox and Bowen at guard. I’m not saying that’s going to happen now, but Jordan repping at center is a window into that at least being a possibility.”

- Bill Landis,

Bill Landis of was on hand for Ohio State’s fourth practice of fall camp, and wrote his observations down. One of the more intriguing notes was junior offensive guard Michael Jordan taking snaps at center for a portion of the practice.

All signs during the offseason have pointed to Brady Taylor being the center expected to start once Sept. 1 rolls around. And while Jordan was indeed taking snaps, it appears that Taylor should still have that role.

Despite that, though, it’s worth noting that Jordan was involved at center some, as the team tries to fill the shoes of Pat Elflein and Billy Price from the past few seasons.

Jordan has played guard his entire career with the Buckeyes to this point and has done an excellent job so it’s hard imagining him switching over at this point. But Urban Meyer has talked about needing his five best guys on the field, and if Taylor doesn’t meet that expectation, we could see a slightly different lineup than expected against Oregon State.

“[Sports Illustrated’s Preseason Top 25] 9. Ohio State”

- Sports Illustrated

The start of the college football season is less than a month away, and that means more preseason polls are coming out. The latest comes from the staff at Sports Illustrated. They’ve slotted Ohio State at ninth overall, a bit lower than most outlets do, though SI might be factoring the recent news about Urban Meyer and placed the Buckeyes a bit lower as an insurance policy should Meyer no longer be with the program at the start of the season.

Still, another top 10 placement for Ohio State is a good sign, as expectations are always high in Columbus. And with Dwayne Haskins starting for the first time, the Buckeyes will have plenty of talent to support him.

Clemson, Alabama, Wisconsin, Washington, Oklahoma, Georgia, Penn State, and Auburn all lead the way in front of Ohio State with West Virginia rounding out the top 10. Other Big Ten teams included Michigan State at 11th and Michigan at 15th. That’s a total of five teams from the conference, which should lead to yet another competitive season.

“If Meyer is cleared to coach, the university will need to have been 100-percent certain that all the protocols were followed and there wasn’t enough evidence to support a firing for Zach Smith three years ago. And if Meyer did his job properly like he indicated he did in his letter on Friday, then his boss surely must have given the go-ahead to proceed and not had concerns that the future of the program was being jeopardized.”

- Austin Ward, Lettermen Row

Speaking of the Urban Meyer investigation, a common question popping up is the status of athletic director Gene Smith.

Meyer was obviously placed on paid administrative leave, but after Meyer released a statement saying that he followed all proper protocols in reporting the incident, it begs the question of Smith’s role in the matter. Austin Ward makes a great point in his article that I think has become apparent: it’s very possible, if not likely, one of these two (Meyer or Smith) will not be able to keep their job once this investigation is finished.

It’s up to the team investigating the situation to help decide these matters, but either way it’s not going to be pleasant. Ward goes a bit deeper into the matter, so give the article a read.