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Print your own 2018 Ohio State football graphical schedule

Get your own downloadable 2018 Ohio State football schedule to make your Michigan fan coworkers despise you even more.

A tradition unlike any other has returned, as Land-Grant Holy Land’s 2018 printable schedule has arrived. Your tweets, DMs, and emails have kept this tradition going for six years now, because honestly, this month has been so crazy, we might have forgotten otherwise.

Now you are able to plan your fall Saturdays in both color and black and white fashion. You can download the schedule of your choice in order to begin planning an excuse to get out of going to your cousin’s horribly-scheduled wedding on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, or your friend’s bachelorette weekend that conflicts with the Penn State game.

So, print out one (or both) of these bad boys— maybe one for home and another for your office, heck, you can even give them as gifts— and join LGHL as we tick off 15 Ws for the Ohio State Buckeyes this season!


Download the printable color schedule here.

Black and White

Download the printable black and white schedule here.