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Podcast: Dwayne Haskins makes his first big start at Ohio State

How will he handle the pressure? (Probably pretty well)

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Ohio State Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Colton and Patrick are back with another edition of the Hangout in the Holy Land, previewing Ohio State’s game with TCU. The guys discuss what the Horned Frogs’ best path to victory is, how they might attack the Buckeyes on both sides of the ball, and more.

Show Notes

1:00- Colton and Patrick flame an old listener for a review that hasn’t aged well.

4:16- Why it’s hard to judge TCU’s sloppy play against SMU last week.

6:15- What’s the most realistic path for TCU to win?

8:09- The Horned Frogs not matching up with The Rushmen, and how they’ll probably attack the edges if they want to have offensive success.

12:17- Wanting to see more of Justin Hilliard, and expecting Ohio State’s use of five defensive backs on the field at once to be extensive.

16:30- Dwayne Haskins making the first big start of his career, and the new-look interior offensive linemen being in for a big test.

21:30- Why J.K. Dobbins is better suited to have a big day against this defense than Mike Weber.

24:20- Expecting more consistent downfield shots because of the way TCU’s defense plays in the short passing game.

28:40- Patrick capes for Tate Martell as the starting punt returner, and invents the speed option punt return.

30:10- Questioning how Pat Fitzgerald smells.

31:20- Predictions for the game.

34:10- Taking a tour around the rest of week three’s action, including why everyone wins in Texas-USC (Except Texas and USC).