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Podcast: When will Nick Bosa return; if at all?

Also, did you know that Penn State has a losing record against OSU in full White Outs?

Ohio State v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

In the latest “Why is this News?” edition of the “Hangout in the Holy Land” podcast, co-hosts Matt Tamanini and Alexis Chassen catch up on all of the biggest Buckeye stories from the past week, from football injuries to men’s basketball media days and more.

On the football front, Matt and Alexis discuss the timetable for Nick Bosa’s return, and whether or not he should actually just shut it down for the rest of the season and focus on being 100 percent ready for the NFL Draft. Needless to say, neither of them are hoping for that outcome.

The two also discuss how valuable White Outs actually are for Penn State, considering the fact that PSU is just 7-7 in White Outs, and 5-5 when the full stadium participates, as opposed to just the student section. In the full White Outs, Ohio State is 2-1, and is 2-2 in them overall. Matt said that PSU had a losing record in White Outs... he was wrong, but close.

Matt and Alexis also have wildly different opinions about what the score of Saturday’s game will be, with one of them predicting over 100 points being scored.

They also discuss this week’s men’s basketball Media Day, the glory of playing in St. John Arena, Buckeyes in the NFL, and what non-revenue sports are up to this weekend.