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Ryan Day is already putting his stamp on the Ohio State football program

The new boss isn’t afraid to shake things up.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Ohio State Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Ryan Day era is off to a blistering start. If you’re keeping score at home, in the 9 days since he officially took over, Ohio State has:

A lot’s gone down, and the crazy thing is that there’s probably more news on the way. Before all that happens, we have to break down all this, and that’s exactly what happened on the latest episode of the Hangout in the Holy Land.

Patrick Mayhorn and I discuss why Ohio State cleaning house on defense is excellent news, try and figure out what the new coaches bring to the table, the seemingly new direction of the program, and more.

Show notes

0:00- Bama takes an ass whoopin’

3:54- Clemson looked like everything we’ve wanted Ohio State to look like the past four seasons + how Ryan Day is starting that transition with his coaching moves and philosophy

9:10- These were probably tough moves personally for Day to make

14:00- What do the new assistants bring?

18:00- Is Ohio State’s national recruiting strategy changing?

24:18- The wide receiver competition this off-season is going to be tremendous

33:34- The best players need to see the field in 2019

40:00- Thoughts on Haskins declaring

43:30- A basketball update (Sadly recorded before the inexplicable loss to Rutger)