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Land-Grant Mini-Doc: ‘The Punch Heard ‘Round Buckeye Nation,’ Dontre Wilson stages a revolution

Dontre Wilson fought the entirety of Michigan’s kickoff coverage team, and we went back to look at how and why!

Dontre Wilson challenging every member of Michigan’s kickoff coverage team to a fist fight, and punching a man wearing a helmet is one of the most iconic moments in the recent history of Ohio State and Michigan’s rivalry. For the decades the two teams have been playing, there may not have been a more explosive moment than the 2013 fight.

Now, more than five years removed, we felt it was time to take a look back at the scrap, and created a mini-documentary that hopes to do just that. With some help from a pair of Buckeye blogging OGs (Luke Zimmerman and D.J. Byrnes), let’s take an in-depth look, not just at Dontre Wilson’s big day, but at the background of his career, Urban Meyer, and The Game itself.