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Early odds released for potential Ohio State playoff match-ups

Buckeyes favored over three of three potential CFP foes.

Michigan State v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

As the No. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes have seen their national profile climb in recent weeks, the discussion about their College Football Playoff chances has increased as well. While many believe that the Buckeyes would be the top team f the CFP rankings were released today, this week, we got the opportunity to see what the Las Vegas oddsmakers thought about OSU’s playoff chances.

On Thursday, SportsBettingAG released the lines for potential CFP match-ups between six top ranked teams. The Alabama Crimson Tide would be favored over Ohio State -6.5, and Clemson would be the favorite over the Buckeyes -2.5. Only the defending national champion Tigers would have thinner odds against the Tide.

Additionally, OSU would be favorites against the remaining teams in the hypothetical playoff contention; Georgia (-2), LSU (-3.5), and Oklahoma (-3).

No line was provided for a potential LSU and Oklahoma game. As the season progresses, and the top teams face other substantial competition, these odds will change, but as of now, it looks like the oddsmakers think pretty highly of the Buckeyes chances to win it all.

Check out the odds for the potential CFP match-ups:

College Football Matchup Odds | Oct. 11

Favorite Underdog Line
Favorite Underdog Line
Alabama Clemson -3
Alabama Ohio State -6.5
Alabama Georgia -8.5
Alabama Oklahoma -8.5
Alabama LSU -9.5
Clemson Ohio State -2.5
Clemson Georgia -4.5
Clemson Oklahoma -5
Clemson LSU -7
Ohio State Georgia -2
Ohio State Oklahoma -2
Ohio State LSU -3.5
Georgia LSU -1
Georgia Oklahoma -2

What do you think of the numbers? Let us know in the comments below.