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Game day Twitter round up: Ohio State vs. Northwestern

Nothing like a wholesome, Jim-Tressel-approved Friday night blowout to end the work week

If there’s anything that can make Ohio State playing on a Friday night more enjoyable, it’s when fans take to Twitter with their reactions, gifs, sarcasm, jokes, and smack talk. We’ve rounded up some of today’s best tweets across the College Football Game Day Twitterverse.

Ryan Day and Justin Fields playing at Ryan Field? You knew this was coming.

One more pun for good measure.

That didn’t take long.

That would definitely help make this game more interesting.

There is a method to the madness.

It’s a beaut, Clark!

Ah yes, the threequel to the Indiana and Miami series.

I...don’t think that’s the correct form.

Meat loaf, fish markets, tackles—Cameron Mitchell does it all!

Drue Chrisman doing Drue Chrisman things. Just hand over the award, Ray.

Anyone else forget that kicking non-crucial 55-yard field goals was a thing?

Why are any of his still here, honestly?

Day, Fields, Tuf, Master, Chug— the pun opportunities are truly endless this season.

We are the captain now.

Supposedly Northwestern played in the Big Ten championship game last year?

Again, I ask you, why are we still here?

If Ryan Day is in a good mood, he may allow them to score the honorary field goal.