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Ohio State title odds remain steady, Justin Fields improves chances for Heisman

A loss and an injury make a big difference.

Ohio State v Northwestern Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Whether it was the Wisconsin Badgers’ inexplicable loss to the Illinois Fighting Illini, and the injury — and subsequent surgery — to Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, the odds for the biggest team and individual prizes in college football have seen some substantive changes over the past week.

The Clemson Tigers surprisingly still have the best odds to win the national title at 5/2, but unlike when the odds were released by last the Crimson Tide was tied at that number, but as of yesterday, they have fallen a bit to 3/1. The LSU Tigers jumped the Ohio State Buckeyes into the third best odds moving from 11/2 to 9/2, while the Bucks remained steady at 5/1.

Other Big Ten teams on the board include Penn State at 20/1, the Badgers at 50/1, Minnesota at 100/1, and Iowa at 250/1. The Michigan Wolverines fell off the board following their second loss of the season.

Ohio State’s Week 2 opponent the Cincinnati Bearcats held steady at 500/1.

Check out the full national title odds:

National Title Odds | Oct. 21

Team 10/14 Odds 10/21 Odds
Team 10/14 Odds 10/21 Odds
Clemson 5/2 52
Alabama 5/2 3/1
LSU 11/2 9/2
Ohio State 5/1 5/1
Oklahoma 6/1 6/1
Georgia 14/1 14/
Penn State 25/1 20/1
Oregon 50/1 33/1
Auburn 40/1 50/1
Florida 50/1 50/1
Notre Dame 40/1 50/1
Utah 40/1 50/1
Wisconsin 14/1 50/1
Baylor 66/1 66/1
Minnesota 150/1 100/1
SMU 150/1 150/1
Texas 150/1 150/1
Iowa 250/1 250/1
App State 500/1 500/1
Cincinnati 500/1 500/1
Arizona State 150/1 Off the Board
Boise State 150/1 Off the Board
Michigan 40/1 Off the Board
Missouri 150/1 Off the Board
Washington 250/1 Off the Board

Turning from the team to the individual, Tagovailoa’s injury and Wisconsin’s injury have had an impact on the Heisman Trophy race as well, as Tagovailoa fell from the odds-on favorite to third, going from 4/7 to 3/1. He is just one spot ahead of OSU’s Justin Fields, who comes in at 9/1.

Following the Badgers’ defeat, Jonathan Taylor fell off the board.

Check out the full Heisman Trophy odds:

Heisman Trophy Odds | Oct. 21

Player 10/15 Odds 10/21 Odds
Player 10/15 Odds 10/21 Odds
Joe Burrow 15/4 5/4
Jalen Hurts 9/2 2/1
Tua Tagovailoa 4/7 3/1
Justin Fields 10/1 9/1
Jonathan Taylor 10/1 Off the Board