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Podcast: Ben Koo on Friday night football, FOX vs. ESPN, Ohio State alums in media

Koo breaks down the Big Ten’s TV deals, Buckeyes as analysts, Sports Illustrated’s shady new owners, and more.

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On Land-Grant Holy Land In Conversation, we talk to people in and around Ohio State athletics, and the sporting world at large, to bring you a different insight and perspective to the teams, athletes, and university that you love.

On today’s episode, we are in conversation with the Editor-in-Chief of and, Ben Koo. In addition to his work in the sports media and covering the sports media, he’s also an Ohio State alum for good measure.

In our conversation we talk about all of the circumstances that led to the Ohio State Buckeyes playing a football game on a Friday night, and how it got moved to from FS1 to the Big Ten Network, Urban Meyer and the FOX vs. ESPN pregame battle, why there are so many Buckeyes working as college football analysts, TV deals, the shady new owners of Sports Illustrated, and much, much more.

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