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Play Like a Girl podcast: Sports Illustrated, NFL team host Amy Campbell on Eagles, career, Astros’ weak apology

And why you should keep your LinkedIn profile updated.

Philadelphia Eagles team reporter Amy Campbell
Twitter @MsAmyCampbell

On LGHL’s podcast Play Like a Girl, we talk all things Ohio State football, and talk to and about women in and around Ohio State athletics and beyond.

In the tenth episode, Tia and Meredith are joined by Sports Illustrated host and Philadelphia Eagles team reporter Amy Campbell.

Amy discusses her Florida Gators’ season, admits Ohio State is “the real deal,” and gives us a run down of what her work week looks like as both a host for Sports Illustrated and the Eagles’ Kickoff and Post Game shows.

Other topics on the show:

  • Why fans who “boo” their own teams are the best kind of fans
  • What its like to conduct a sit-down interview with Michael Phelps
  • Mental health
  • All of the many, many things the Astros could have done to make things right with Sports Illustrated reporter Stephanie Apstein...but didn’t
  • Another head coach blowing off a woman reporter—the difference between this time and the time Belichick did it
  • Amy’s advice for women in the sports industry (or any industry).
  • Trending news for women in sports

Check out the podcast below, and make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts:

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