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Recruits break down Michigan State vs Ohio State, Blackout visit

See what some of the weekend visitors had to say about their time on the OSU campus.

Michigan State v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Kicking the weekend off with a BOOOOM, the Ohio State Buckeyes’ football staff locked in another top notch class of 2020 prospect.

The Buckeyes might’ve picked up a commitment from four-star defensive tackle, and North Carolina native Jacolbe Cowan, but Ryan Day, and Ohio State’s big recruiting weekend wasn’t done there.

Buckeyes host more than MSU

The Ohio State coaching staff had more than just the Spartans of Michigan State roaming around the field of the Horseshoe on Saturday night.

Playing host to a large group of future and potential Buckeyes, many highly sought after recruits had the chance to see what it would be like to line up in front of over 100,000 screaming fans in a prime-time match-up.

Want to know what some of the prospects on hand had to say about their time during the Buckeyes runaway victory over the Spartans? Land-Grant Holy Land caught up with a few of those recruits and grabbed their opinions on what stood out to them while on campus on Saturday:

3-star OT Grant Toutant

Class: 2020
Town: Warren, MI/De La Salle Collegiate
Size: 6’7/320
Status: Verbally committed to Ohio State

“The visit was great. I got to hang out with the guys for a bit. Crazy energy not just during the game but the whole city around it. I talked to Coach Stud for awhile, said hi to a few others. They were all just really supportive and telling me not to worry about my shoulder, it’s pretty common of an injury for lineman. Saying my best football is yet to come and just work hard on rehab after surgery so I come in strong in June.”

3-star ATH Cameron Martinez

Class: 2020
Town: Muskegon, MI/Muskegon
Size: 5’11/183
Status: Verbally committed to Ohio State

“The visit went really well. I got to talk with all the coaches, and it was good seeing them again. The atmosphere was great and it was awesome to watch. I talked with Coach Day, Hartline, Mattison, Hafley, and Barnes. They’re excited to have me on board.”

4-star WR Lorenzo Styles Jr.

Class: 2021
Town: Pickerington, OH/Central
Size: 6’1/170
Offers: Ohio State, Auburn, Notre Dame, Michigan, Nebraska, etc

“I really enjoyed my time this weekend. I got to bring a really close family friend and coach, Mark George. Happy he could be part of the experience. Always an exciting atmosphere at Ohio State. I’m happy I could get back.”

4-star S Hunter Wohler

Class: 2021
Town: Muskego, WI/Muskego
Size: 6’1/180
Offers: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Iowa, Iowa State, etc

“The visit was awesome. I had a lot of fun. The atmosphere was unbelievable. The fans, the students, and crowd are so alive and ready to go and the team replicates that. I’m glad I was able to come out and take it in and experience this. I talked to Coach Barnes, Coach Hafley, Coach Mattison and Coach Day and they were all happy to have me out to visit. They want to keep growing in our relationship and keep in communication.”

4-star DE Rodney McGraw

Class: 2021
Town: Elkhart, IN/Elkhart Central
Size: 6’6/223
Offers: Michigan, Cincinnati, Indiana, Penn State, Purdue, etc

“I was really excited about the atmosphere for the blackout and to meet the coaches in person. I have talked to the coaches on the phone and I like their energy and excitement. I love the production Ohio State gets from the defensive end position and the way their guys produce at the next level. I talked with Coach Mattison and Coach Johnson. I really like both of them. They talked about my film and the game. Really cool, down to earth guys.”

3-star CB Damond Harmon

Class: 2021
Town: Highland Springs, VA/Highland Springs
Size: 6’1/178
Offers: Maryland, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Kent State, etc

“The visit was amazing, I loved it. The game was crazy. Like it gets LOUD in that stadium and the defense is great. I also like how much love the players get from the fans. It’s just crazy. I talked to Coach Hafley a lot. We just talked about me visiting more and we also talked about how different the atmosphere is. Whenever I can get back up, I will definitely make the most of the opportunity.”

3-star WR Andrew Wilson-Lamp

Class: 2021
Town: Massillon, OH/Washington
Size: 6’2/165
Offers: Akron, Cincinnati, Iowa State, Toledo, West Virginia, etc

“My visit was great. The atmosphere just had me pumped by how excited everyone was. The blackout was super cool too. I was talking to coach Hartline and coach Keenan (Bailey). They told me to keep playing hard and come back.”

S Myles Rowser

Class: 2022
Town: Belleville, MI/Belleville
Size: 5’10/175
Offers: Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Nebraska, Penn State, etc

“The visit was awesome. It was my first time on the campus. They (Ohio State) ran like an army. Disciplined, fast and hard. Both sides of the ball dominated. Traffic was bad on the way down so I didn’t get to have those coach meeting conversations like other recruitment visits. I plan to camp there in the off season.”

OLB Gabe Powers

Class: 2022
Town: Marysville, OH/Marysville
Size: 6’4/220
Offers: Colorado, Michigan

“The visit was great, and the atmosphere was awesome. To watch the fan support for the team was really nice. Coach Hinton and coach Terwilliger talked to me about Friday’s game and the season. They said they had already talked to opposing coaches about me.”